Out-of State: Apartment Tips

Let’s jump right in, shall we? 😁 Two things to note before attempting to sign a lease in a new state:

  • Most apartments require proof of income for at least 3 months.
    • Call to find out ahead of time if your out-of-state income qualifies! Some places may look at it like you don’t have employment, yet, which may mean they won’t rent to you.
  • Most apartments also require proof of residency for at least 6 months.
    • Call to find out if out-of-state residency is going to qualify as well. More often then not there may be fees and/or a higher security deposit;

Given the fact that I wasn’t as prepared for this as I wanted to be, I’d highly recommend one of the following:

  • Save enough money to be able to afford any potential charges before signing your lease.
    • This may seem obvious, but for those that may not want to spend the extra time saving for things like this, please reconsider. If the option to save is available to you, take it.
    • Also, this may be the overall cheapest option for you, depending on the total amount of the first month’s payment, with fees and deposit.

If not:

  • Check to see if there are any short-term living options available in the area you’re attempting to move to!
    • This option is great for those that need a little extra time before they make the final decision on a place. Or, for those that need a place to stay immediately.
    • Depending on your situation, this may or may not be cheaper than paying the fees associated with a lease agreement.

I’ve listed two of the best options for short-term residences below. 😉

Option A:

Short-Term Apartments

These are essentially complexes that allow you to rent, lease free, on a weekly and/or monthly basis.


  • Weekly/Monthly Rentals Available
  • Comes in Studios/1 Bedrooms/2 Bedrooms
  • All Utilities Included (sometimes with cable/internet)
  • On-Site Laundry Facilities, Fitness Centers, and/or Pools
  • May Allow Pets


  • Potentially Expensive (compared to traditional lease-agreed monthly rent)
  • Security Deposits May Be Applicable
  • Consistent Change in Neighbors

Option B:


An alternative to Short-Term Apartments is Airbnb.

Some of you have probably heard of this already. I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I do know others that have raved about it so I think it’s worth checking out.


  • Daily/Weekly Rentals Available
  • Comes in Bedrooms/Apartments/Full Houses
  • All Utilities May Be Included (sometimes with cable/internet)


  • May Not Allow Pets
  • May Not Allow Monthly Rentals
  • May Live with Homeowner

{Disclosure: These are just some of the reviews I’ve heard from the friends that have used Airbnb; your experience may or may not be the same. Always call and ask as many questions as you can!♡}

Note: If you’re moving out-of-state without a job lined up first, check out my other blog Moving Across the Country: Jobs for tips on how to find employment fast!

Otherwise, click here to jump back to the Apartment Tips Blog ♥️

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