9 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress

Hi loves! 💕

I know I’ve been gone for quite a bit. I got a little tied up with life and everything that comes with it. But I am back! And I’ve come up with a little listicle of things I’ve had to discover for myself these past couple of weeks: Nine Quick Ways To Relieve Stress!

1. Essential Oils 🌿

Overall, essential oils are most certainly among the quickest ways I’ve found to relieve stress. Whether you directly apply to the skin or diffuse for a full room experience, they are amazing for naturally calming and relaxing the body.

Of course, each aroma has its own dedicated benefits, so it’d be best to explore and find the ones that appeal to you specifically.

  • Duration Recommended: As Desired
  • Relaxation Effective Within: Immediately

2. Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Before I got into this, the first thing I pictured when I thought of meditation was the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, where Aang would meditate in order to reach his ancestors for guidance on his next course of action lol.

I mean in perspective, meditation can help you achieve that, but rather in a more realistic and practical way. Instead of reaching your ancestors, you’d reach a subtle bliss that can help you think more clearly and decide your next move.

In short, you calm your body and mind while solely focusing on your controlled breathing, for short or long periods of time.

(Note: using essential oils can definitely enhance the meditating experience as well.)

  • Duration Recommended: 15 minutes +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 5 minutes

3. Yoga 🙋

Personally, I’ve never been one to really get involved in yoga, so full disclosure, I’m no expert.

But what I do know is that it’s the perfect last minute, low maintenance exercise to increase blood flow and decrease tension. It goes hand and hand with meditation, especially considering the breathing techniques are similar for both.

  • Duration Recommended: 15 minutes +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 15 minutes

5. Music 🎶

I know this is universal, but it still goes on the list.

Particularly, engaging in the production of music, whether it be singing (skill level not important 😉), composing a beat, or constructing lyrics.

Taking an active role in creating music can allow you to release negative, pent-up energy without necessarily involving other people.

  • Duration Recommended: As Desired
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 5 minutes

6. Fresh Air 💨

(If the weather isn’t reasonable, try moving on to #7.)

When the weather is decent outside, try taking a walk or drive outside the house and breathing in some fresh air.

On my breaks at work, I usually go outside and either sit in my car with the windows down; or on really rough days I go for a quick walk. And when I return, I feel so much more energized and tranquil at the same time.

  • Duration Recommended: 30 minutes +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 30 minutes

7. Be Productive 🛁

I know firsthand, depending on your stress level, the last thing you want to do is work or clean. BUT…believe it or not it can be helpful. Especially after completing some of the other tips beforehand!

Accomplishing something off your to-do list takes one less burden off your back.

So you don’t overwhelm yourself, start off with the smallest task; clean your room, clean your car, do your laundry, make that doctor’s appointment.

Cleaning makes everything smell better, which gives off better vibes. It may suck to start, but once finished, you’re not going to regret spending that extra time.

  • Duration Recommended: 1-2 hours +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 1 hour

8. Break from Social Media 📱

One of the main things I’ve noticed recently is: scrolling on my phone all day actually increased my stress and anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some memes and little videos. But taking a short break for social media did wonders for my health.

First, I started with refraining for a couple hours, to progressing to a couple of days without social media.

In general, it increased my overall productivity throughout the day, motivated me to try new things since I had more spare time, and even helped me sleep better at night.

  • Duration Recommended: 2 hours +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 2 hours

8. Netflix 💻

This one is lower on the list for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s similar to social media, in the sense that you’re occupying copious amount of time on an electronic device, which does minimal for the soul.
  2. Depending on how long you’re binge watching, or what your binge watching, it could slightly impact the health of your sleep.

However, it still made the list because it does help on extremely stressful days where you just want to hide from the world and hibernate until the next morning. Netflix is where it’s at.

  • Duration Recommended: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Relaxation Effective Within: 10 minutes

9. Nap/Sleep 😴

One of the main themes I tried to illustrate in this listicle was encouraging healthy sleep patterns. Once you develop healthy sleep habits, you’ll notice how enhanced your overall quality of life can be.

Sleep is extremely important; which makes it crucial to note that oversleeping can be just as harmful as sleep deprivation. But…

With that being said, on an occasional basis, I can attest to the fact that a quick nap or early bedtime has saved my life a couple times. Sometimes, the day just needs to end early. And that’s okay. ♥️

  • Duration Recommended: 30 minutes +
  • Relaxation Effective Within: Immediately

Everyone has their fair share of stress, it’s just about how we learn to cope with it that makes or breaks us.

I hope this came out really helpful for you! As always, please feel free to contact me anytime with anything!

-Kat B. ♥️


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