Moving Across the Country🌎: Jobs

Loves, let me tell you…it has been nothing short of a journey getting through this week. Being as honest as possible, I literally got the point of crying on my knees begging for even the slightest break 😭.

But nevertheless, what I went through is why I had to write this blog for you! I had to make absolute sure you guys are equipped to either avoid or, at least, prepare for the struggles you may encounter ahead of you ♥. So here it goes:

So…I moved, now what? Getting a job. That’s what.

When I first arrived in Vegas, I honestly thought getting a job was going to be really simple. I had watched a bunch of YouTube videos of all these people who got jobs in a matter of days after moving over here. After that, I was super optimistic; considering finding a job in Milwaukee never took me long either.

Well, I’m sure you guys have already caught on: Things didn’t exactly go as planned lol.

Just to put things into perspective before I get into anything else, here were my personal stats since I moved:

  1. I applied to a total of 56 companies via ZipRecruiter, Career Builder, and Indeed (no exaggeration).
  2. I went on a total of seven interviews before finding a job that wasn’t misleading in regards to compensation and/or job description.
  3. It took me almost three months to find a job that I was completely satisfied with. By satisfied, I mean a job that best utilized my skill sets and paid hourly.

As I mentioned before, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about people on their job journey. And one thing they all had in common was making this point:

“If you don’t get a job in Vegas within about a week, it’s because you don’t want one.”

And I will say, this is true. However, it is true to a fault. I did get hired within a week or so after I applied. The jobs that were calling me back immediately though, were not hourly positions. Which brings me to my first tip for you guys.

Tip #1:

Make sure you know the exact day-to-day duties of each position, as well as compensation methods.

There are infinite amounts of customer service, brand ambassador, and/or independent contractor job postings that advertise weekly paychecks of $500-$1000, with no experience required. Sounds great right? Oh yeah.

Except for the fact that these positions are commission based only. Meaning, if you don’t make a sale, you go home empty handed and sad.

{Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to bash those companies, nor to attest to the accuracy of their employee-earning-averages. This is simply to warn people of the potentially misleading nature of these job ads.}

Commission based jobs may very well be some people’s cup of tea. But moving out here fresh with limited time, money, and resources, I couldn’t afford to risk my bills not being paid in the event of a “bad week” or “slow month”.

{Side Note: If anyone would like me to go into depth on details of what it’s like working a commission based job, please feel free to comment or message me! ♥)

Tip #2:

Apply at a couple staffing agencies, immediately!

Honestly loves, I wish I would have applied there as soon as I got here. Staffing agencies, in general, take almost all the stress and hassle out of everything in Tip #1. They are upfront about everything regarding the positions you’re being sent to, and they are all hourly positions.

One agency I highly recommend is AppleOne Employment Services. I applied with their company and, I kid you not, a week later I was hired with one of their highest paying clients. So I didn’t need to apply to more than one staffing agency, but either way I still recommend doing it, just in case.

Basically, they do all the work for you! All you need to do is complete their application (usually online), submit it, and call the agency to make sure they received it. From that point on, they guide you in the right direction. They review your resume and find potential employers for you.

(Note: You may or may not need to interview twice. Once, very briefly, with your agent to discuss what you’re looking for and to explain a little about yourself. And once more with your potential employer; which is an actual full on interview. Just to prepare you ahead of time 👌.)

{Side Note: If anyone would like me to provide more details on this, as well as interview tips, don’t be afraid to let me know! I would love to help as much as possible!}

Tip #3:

Never give up!

There were a couple quotes I lived by throughout this whole process:

“Struggle builds character!”

Without struggle, how would you know how to appreciate the serenity? By surviving one life challenge, you can learn how to overcome so many other challenges and open so many doors along the way! And besides, nothing hurts forever; guaranteed.


“Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.”

That means that even if it feels like the world is against your success, and everything seems to be crashing down to pieces without your consent, you can prevail. You can get through it! Anything is possible as long as you stand tall and will it to be possible. I promise each and every one of you that! ♥

Stay tuned for my next blogs! 😘

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    • Coping with Homesickness
    • Making Friends
    • Building a New Life
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-Love Kat B.


10 thoughts on “Moving Across the Country🌎: Jobs

  1. I love how much knowledge you are spreading within every sentence I read. For you to experience this first hand and share your thoughts with everyone reading is such a blessing on its own. Though I really miss your presence in milwaukee i am so happy that you are out there achieving goals and living your best life. I am so blessed to have even crossed paths with you. Continue to bless other people’s lives. LOVE YOU YONCE!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww Yonceeeee. I love you so so much. You are hands down one of the realest, most down to earth souls I’ve ever met ❤️🙏. I appreciate that with everything I have ❤️ thank you girl!!!


  2. I read this when you first wrote it, but I wanted to re-read it again since I’m considering a big move myself. 🙂 Love you, hope Vegas is treating you well!

    Liked by 1 person

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