KidKat💕: PPROM Pregnancy

Soo, it’s (shamefully) almost been about two years since I’ve actively blogged. But I am back and with exciting news…….drum roll please….I’m expecting a little baby girl  💖!

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Guide to Women: Part Two

Welcome back, loves. I appreciate all the love and support that’s kept this project going! So, of course, I’m back with more tips for the men out there. This time, taking it to the next level 😉.

Includes: friends with benefits and compatibility tips.

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Guide to Women: Part One

Hey guys, I know dating has been rough for everyone lately. So, I came up with a couple tips for the men out there to help you all out a little bit 😉.

Includes: tips on catching her attention, conversation tips and topics, date ideas, and how to end the night.

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Moving Out

Whether you’re interested in moving into an apartment located across the country, or even your first apartment just down the block; here are some tips to help keep the process going smoothly. ♡

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Money Talks:

Hey, you guys! The weather is getting warmer outside, which means: Summer is right around the corner! There’s no better way to kick off the season than with our bills paid and still a little extra money in our pockets 😉.

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Kat💕Chat: Are They Toxic?

A hard truth I had to learn to accept in life was: no matter what you do, not everyone is going to be there for you the way you’re there for them.

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9 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress

Hi loves! 💕

I know I’ve been gone for quite a bit. I got a little tied up with life and everything that comes with it. But I am back! And I’ve come up with a little listicle of things I’ve had to discover for myself these past couple of weeks: Nine Quick Ways To Relieve Stress!

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Kat💕Chat: Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Hey loves, I wanted to take a break from my traveling series for a bit, only to shed some light on a broad topic I’ve seen so many people struggle with lately: Relationships.

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Moving Across the Country🌎: Jobs

Loves, let me tell you…it has been nothing short of a journey getting through this week. Being as honest as possible, I literally got the point of crying on my knees begging for even the slightest break 😭.

But nevertheless, what I went through is why I had to write this blog for you! I had to make absolute sure you guys are equipped to either avoid or, at least, prepare for the struggles you may encounter ahead of you ♥. So here it goes:

So…I moved, now what? Getting a job. That’s what.

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Moving Across the Country🌎

For those who have been considering, or have already made the decision to move across the county, here’s my story about how I did it ✈️ and some helpful tips:

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